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Tanya and Masha192 views11/30/07 at 07:14bottomglass: i like u't smile tanya
Which Came First...140 viewsThe chicken or the egg? 08/09/07 at 07:13vidfans: Chicken came first, same like when God created Ada...
182 views08/08/07 at 22:35Tatt_Tude: I love your photos. It's a breath of fresh air...
World's Biggest Dog in Guinness World Record319 viewsHave you guys seen the World's Biggest Dog?, Here it is, for sure this picture was not taken by me, just want to show you what the biggest dog looks like. he is a monstrous mastiff named Hercules08/08/07 at 22:27Tatt_Tude: Sorry but the picture is fake. Check it out at sno...
The Rugged Coast193 views08/08/07 at 22:20Tatt_Tude: Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Mermaid Parade Coney Island USA141 views08/08/07 at 22:18Tatt_Tude: To quote Homer Simpson... "Mmm. Beer".
151 views08/08/07 at 22:11Tatt_Tude: Great photo!
Realistic Ghost Flames171
Debbie's 2002 Mustang
07/26/07 at 01:47V8grl:
Mermaid Parade Coney Island USA157 views07/07/07 at 04:18Guest_hp: can't wait to see this next year myself.
Bvlgari Resort - Uluwatu Bali204 views06/30/07 at 05:47Guest_smith: nice shot!, its like heaven on earth
169 views06/30/07 at 05:44Guest_selig: what a beautiful couple
Ripley's Moving Theater252 viewsSimulator technology puts you in the adventure. Computer controlled moving seats synchronized with dynamic Live Action06/26/07 at 13:20Guest_sefian: klo bs c tempat2 wisata d indonesia jg d zoom dunk...
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