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Chimney Rock Park95 viewsStanding there, you can feel proud and justifiably weary because you have just driven and hiked over 1400 vertical feet from the entrance to the Park, which you can see way, way down in the valley.
Chimney Rock Park127 viewsThis vantage point offers one of the most dramatic and unique views in the Park. Inspiration Point, located along the Cliff trail, is the only place from which you can see both Hickory Nut Falls and Lake Lure. This location even inspired movie magic. Some scenes from the 1992 movie The Last of the Mohicans were filmed along the Cliff trail.
Chimney Rock Park109 viewsChimney Rock Park gives you the opportunity to explore and experience natureís wonders up close and personal. From unique geological formations, to sweeping views, youíll find the best of the mountains in one place at the Park.
Chimney Rock Park115 viewsWhen you get to this point along the Skyline trail you can exclaim, At an elevation of 2,480 feet, Exclamation Point is the pinnacle of the Park. It exceeds Chimney Rockís elevation by 200 feet.
The Devil's Head101 viewsAt the start of the Skyline trail just above the Chimney, you may notice a menacing rock face peering out over the Gorge. On even closer inspection, it appears to have taken on the countenance of evil incarnate Ė itís the Devilís Head!
Chimney Rock Park98 viewsThe river near Chimney Rock Parl
Chimney Rock Park131 viewsThe river near Chimney Rock Parl
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