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Margaret Rose117 viewsCreating a Grandly Proportioned, Traditional Retreat for Family and Friends on Palm Beach.

Architectural Digest
Published September 2008
Oldest Gorilla152 viewsLovely oldest Gorilla in The Zoo of Atlanta, Gorillas in the wild can live 30 to 40 years. Some living in managed populations within zoos have lived into their late 40s, and in rare instances into their early 50s. Banga was one of five elderly gorillas living at Zoo Atlanta. The youngest of the five, she had been caring for her 5-year-old offspring, Mbeli. Mbeli, who was already weaned from his mother, will remain in his current family group that includes his 45-year-old father Ozzie.
Orang Utan - Indonesian Native Animal112 viewsDumadi, an infant Sumatran orangutan, joined the Zoo family on June 20. Born at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo on October 22, Dumadi was orphaned when his mother died unexpectedly shortly after his birth. Keepers in Fort Wayne, Other natural habitats include Masai Mara, Mzima Springs, and Ketambe where you can see everything from orangutans to elephants!, Zoo Atlanta is located in historic Grant Park, Atlanta, GA,
Daud n friends 5135 views
Mr. Chandra's family134 views
US101 Oregon - Seattle Bridge148 viewsThe Oregon Coast has a number of beautiful vacation areas. There are rivers, lakes, trails, sand dunes, and amazing state parks to visit. The coastal terrain is a beautiful combination of sandy beaches and towering rock cliffs. Oregon's Coast is the perfect spot, whether you need a weekend with the family, or a romantic vacation with your loved one. Several cities can meet your needs. Seaside and Cannon Beach are among the most popular of the Oregon Coast.
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