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A couple dancing sclupture in one of the historic stores in Helen, Georgia146 viewsHelen is famous for festivals and special events include a hot air balloon race, Winefest, Volksmarch, Oktoberfest and Christmas parades, Fourth of July fireworks, and Bavarian Nights of Summer. From mid-September through October, Helen hosts the longest Oktoberfest in the South. Alpenfest offers entertainment for visitors during the Holiday season from Thanksgiving through December.
Oldest Gorilla152 viewsLovely oldest Gorilla in The Zoo of Atlanta, Gorillas in the wild can live 30 to 40 years. Some living in managed populations within zoos have lived into their late 40s, and in rare instances into their early 50s. Banga was one of five elderly gorillas living at Zoo Atlanta. The youngest of the five, she had been caring for her 5-year-old offspring, Mbeli. Mbeli, who was already weaned from his mother, will remain in his current family group that includes his 45-year-old father Ozzie.
Orang Utan - Indonesian Native Animal112 viewsDumadi, an infant Sumatran orangutan, joined the Zoo family on June 20. Born at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo on October 22, Dumadi was orphaned when his mother died unexpectedly shortly after his birth. Keepers in Fort Wayne, Other natural habitats include Masai Mara, Mzima Springs, and Ketambe where you can see everything from orangutans to elephants!, Zoo Atlanta is located in historic Grant Park, Atlanta, GA,
The Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta, Georgia at Pemberton Place157 viewsThe world's largest aquarium with more than 8 million US gallons, See Beluga whales at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. The aquarium's notable specimens include young whale sharks (Norton, Alice, and Trixie) and four beluga whales (Nico, Natasha, Marina, and Maris). Funded mostly by a $250 million donation from Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus, the aquarium was built on a 20 acre site north of Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta.
Biltmore Estate187 viewsAt the winery, enjoy a self-guided "behind the scenes" tour and sample Biltmore Estate wines in the Tasting Room. Browse the Wine Shop. The Bistro Restaurant is an excellent choice for dinner, with its welcoming European atmosphere. Other culinary activities include cooking demonstrations, seminars, guest chef programs, introductory wine classes and daylong cooking classes featuring the estate's own chefs.
Biltmore Estate163 viewsThe Cradle of Modern American Forestry
Biltmore Estate includes 8, 000 acres of land which, in addition to the Biltmore House and surrounding gardens, includes forest lands that were first managed by Gifford Pinchot, the father of modern forestry in the U.S. and the first Chief of the U.S. forest Service. Subsequently they were managed by Dr. Carl Schenck, who did something never before attempted in the U.S., the practice of modern forestry management where the harvest did not exceed the production.
Chipmunks at Multnomah Falls145 viewsThe winding road will deliver you to Multnomah Falls but on the way you will be captivated by breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge. Some sites to stop and see along the way include, the Vista House at Crown Point and many other rest stop / view points.
Columbia River124 viewsThe Columbia River drains a 259,000-square-mile basin that includes territory in seven states (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, and Utah) and one Canadian province. The river is arguably the most significant environmental force in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It flows for more than 1,200 miles, from the base of the Canadian Rockies in southeastern British Columbia to the Pacific Ocean at Astoria, Oregon, and Ilwaco, Washington.
334 viewsIn 1982 The SkyLine level was added to the tower at the 100 feet (33 m) level. The original plans for the Space Needle included a structure at this level, but it was not added until 20 years later. Today, the SkyLine Banquet Facility can host groups from 20-360 people. In 1974, author Stephen Cosgrove's children's book Wheedle on the Needle postulated a furry creature called a Wheedle who lived on top of the Space Needle and caused its light to flash.
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