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Oldest Gorilla152 viewsLovely oldest Gorilla in The Zoo of Atlanta, Gorillas in the wild can live 30 to 40 years. Some living in managed populations within zoos have lived into their late 40s, and in rare instances into their early 50s. Banga was one of five elderly gorillas living at Zoo Atlanta. The youngest of the five, she had been caring for her 5-year-old offspring, Mbeli. Mbeli, who was already weaned from his mother, will remain in his current family group that includes his 45-year-old father Ozzie.
Flowers Shop at Pike Place Market182 viewsAs a tourist you slowly wander your way through the market trying to take in all that is Seattle represented in this one place. It is oohing and ahhing over local produce, fresh seafood, and fantastic butchers. it is Whispering to your companions how if this was your city you would come shopping here ever week. As a local shopping at the market is one of he most rewarding challenges there is. It is stopping at your preffered coffee shop on the way in, so you avoid the lines at that corporate giant.
Another Flowers from Pike Place Flowers163 viewsAs a Tourist the market is all flying fish, craft stalls and coffee shops. It is 2 Seattle's Best within a block, it is the first ever Starbucks. It is the Creamery with a plethora of cow decorated merchandise, It is the vegetable stands with the vegetables so artfully displayed that signs admonish you not to touch it. It is sculptures made of Mt St Helens Ash.
It is t-shirts, and dried flowers and spice houses and tea markets. it is the shops in the bowels of the market with goods from Latin Americ
Pike Place Fish201 viewsYou can find them at the Seattle’s Pike Place Market, an historic, open air market located in the heart of Seattle, Washington. People come from all over the world to see their world famous crew of fishmongers throwing fish and having fun with customers.
Fruits Shop257 viewsThere are also restaurants and brew pubs for your refreshment and dining pleasure. And right across the street is the first ever Starbucks Coffee Shop. Wear comfortable shoes, bring your digital camera, a shopping list if you're so inclined and come experience this one-of-a-kind Seattle tradition.

Lilly Flower174 viewsSeattle's historic Pike Place Market is a popular destination for city residents and tourists alike, and it turns 100 years old in 2007! Located just off the waterfront, this multi-level building features dozens of artisans, vegetable growers, flower sellers, craftspeople and more. Load up on organic produce or fresh seafood, or browse the unique gift and specialty shops.

Flower Shop161 viewsThe Pike Place Market is also a building, the arcade (1907) which is the original Main Market, and an Historic District. Extant buildings are the arcade, the Outlook Hotel and Triangle Market (1908), Sanitary Market (1910), extended arcade (1911), Corner Market building (1912), Fairley Building (1914), and Economy Market (c. 1914–17, nee Bartell Building, 1900).
Flower Shop165 viewsThe Pike Market neighborhood is largely defined by the concentration of historic buildings in the small area. Due to complexities and competing interests, only some if not few historic structures or places are officially designated. The Alaska Trade Building (1900–1924)
Flower Shop163 viewsPike Place Market is a public market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle, Washington, United States. The Market, which opened August 17, 1907, is the oldest continually-operated public farmer's market in the country. It is a place of business for many small farmers, craftspeople and merchants. It is also Seattle's most popular tourist destination.
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