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Gatlinburg River432 viewsSurrounded by what has long been the most visited National Park in America, Gatlinburg evokes fond memories in the minds of millions of readers, and there's always plenty to write about
Kebaktian Remaja Hiker Gereja Bethel Indonesia - Bethany Indonesia Atlanta237 viewssetiap saat kita harus memilih ,setiap pribadi di berikan hak untuk memilih ,setiap kaki diberikan kebebasan memilih jalannya,setiap jalan mempunyai pilihan sendiri untuk memilih jalan yang benar.Yesus Kristus pelita hatiku terangi jalanku dalam kebenaranmu sehingga aku dapat mengakuiMU dalam setiap lakuku Yesus Kristus GBU
Kebaktian Remaja Hiker Gereja Bethel Indonesia - Bethany Indonesia Atlanta237 viewsGod is always at work around you.
No matter where you are you can be sure God is constantly at work some where around you. The key is identify where God is at work and then join Him.
Kebaktian Remaja Hiker Gereja Bethel Indonesia - Bethany Indonesia Atlanta220 viewsGodís invitation for you to work with Him always leads you to a crisis of belief that requires faith and action. When you realize what God wants you to do, you must make the hard choice to do it.
Multnomah Falls129 viewsLocated just twenty minutes east of Troutdale, rushes the water of Multnomah Falls. The Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area extends from the Sandy River near Troutdale nearly 80 miles east to the Deschutes River.
The gorge holds some of the region's most scenic vistas and leads to hundreds of wilderness areas and recreation destinations, such as Bonneville Dam and Cascade locks. There are two ways to get to the falls: Interstate 84 east, and the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highwa
From Cape Meares, itís a few short miles down Meares Loop Rd. to a wild little clandestine beach called Short Beach. Look for Radar Rd., just a tiny bit north of MP 4.109 viewsThree capes, a couple of tiny towns, a collection of hidden spots, one lighthouse and some one-of-a-kind natural oddities: these are the wonders in abundance along this 25-mile stretch of Oregon coast. Itís here where 101 veers away from the beaches, and the coast road is instead this winding, twisting journey through thick, lush forests interrupted by the occasional explosion of stunning ocean vistas, all the while just a little ways away from a bundle of beaches that are guaranteed jaw-droppers.
Hard Rock Cafe111 viewsThe venue holds over 300 people and has always been one of the best decorated rock clubs in the South East ! They have now installed a curtain when you first walk in the venue, and have completely revamped the stage, sound and lighting sytem to finally create a really credible venue. Another good place to visit is the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Those who want to temporarily escape the hectic business world and get back to nature will find tranquility among beautiful and exotic tropical, desert and endangered plants from around the world at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Piedmont Ave. at the Prado
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