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102 viewsSummers and Dinn Corp. wooden roller coaster, whose design is a mirror image of the Coney Island Cyclone, with some minor differences.
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101 viewsSix Flags Over Georgia, like most amusement parks, prides itself on its roller coaster collection. With the arrival of Goliath on April 1, 2006, it became only the third amusement park (after Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Great Adventure) to operate four coasters from the design firm Bolliger & Mabillard. Six Flags Magic Mountain became the fourth park to do so when it opened Tatsu five weeks later.

Six Flags over Georgia101 viewsAn Arrow Dynamics mini mine train kiddie roller coaster, was also named Yahoola Hooler for a short time.
Six Flags Over Georgia101 views
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Six Flags over Georgia100 viewsA Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang, it is one of only four GIB's in the world.
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99 viewsArrow Dynamics steel "mine train" roller coaster. The original design was a wood supporting structure with steel tubular rails; now, much of the wood is ornamental.
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